February 7, 2007


The day comes to a close,
My eyelids want to follow suit.
There are things I need to do;
Promises that I have given
Or rather made to give.
The dreams that haunt me
When I am awake
Seem to leave me
When I am asleep.
The sleep beckons,
The night says to go,
Things left undone
Not important anymore.
The eyelids win,
The dreams recede,
I lay myself
On the forgiving mattress.
Alone in the day,
Alone in bed,
Alone in the thoughts
That run in my head
I wish to leave now
From the bounds that bind,
I wish to run now
From things I dread.
This life too tiring,
Too hard to bear
Things I want to say,
Never reach an ear.
This sleep is welcome,
It gives me courage
To be what I want to be,
Where I can.
Sleep my friend,
Life seems to say,
Things gone unsaid
Will always be said.
I become real,
In the unreal world,
Dreams that I dream
Are never dead.

Date: 7th February, 2007