April 29, 2007


Why does man exist? What was the reason behind his birth? Is there a reason what he is, what he wants to be, and what he is to become? Is there a reason?

If there is one thing that I have seen in the last year, it is this. Reason is supreme. I can say this with an amount of certainty. I hope that by the end of this post, I shall be able to say why.

A strange thought occurred to me today. Which would I take if I were given the choice between honesty, truth, reason, knowledge, and emotion? Without a moment of thought, I knew the answer. It is reason.

I shall begin with what is reason. Reason is cause. Reason is effect. Reason is like the root of a tree hidden from sight. Reason is the leaves that we see.

The dictionary gave me the meanings when I asked. There are six of them:
• A rational motive for a belief or action
• An explanation for the cause of some phenomenon
• The capacity for rational thought or inference or discrimination
• The state of having good sense and sound judgment
• A justification for something existing or happening
• A fact that logically justifies some premise or conclusion

I will go back to truth, emotion, honesty, knowledge, and reason.

If asked to order the above in the increasing order of importance I would have emotion, honesty, truth, knowledge and then finally reason.

Emotion is the human reaction to any given situation. This act requires the least thought. It is based on previous experiences, desires, and needs. There is irrationality when it comes to emotion. I need not elaborate on this; everyone has been in acceptance for centuries that to act on emotion is foolishness.

Honesty is, well being honest. It is saying what one perceives to be the truth at all points in time, it is making sure that one does not defraud anyone; one does not commit a crime, is free from any thoughts of doing the above, and is without pretensions. How important is this? The reason that I do not rate this as important is because it is derived from others. It does not have any importance of its own. One knows that one commits a crime when one knows what the laws that he/she is governed by are. One knows that one is speaking the truth when one knows what true and false is. One knows what honesty is only by knowing what dishonesty is and taking care not to follow that. How can something that does not have any meaning of its own be important?

This brings us to truth. Truth is fact verified. It is conformity to reality and actuality. Logically, one would think how does one know what is real and what is not? How does one know what is reality and what is a mirage? How can one differentiate between what is actual and what is not? The answer is from three steps. Step one – know the fact. Step two – know the premise against which it has to be verified. Step three – know the process of verification. When all these three are applied together, we get what is truth and what is not. This means that truth itself is derived from something else. It is knowledge.

Knowledge is the result of three things, perception, learning, and reasoning. I am not born with knowledge. I gain it by asking questions. I gain it by experimenting and trying to find out what caused the result of that experiment. I know because I learn, I know because I perceive and I know because I reason. This makes reasoning above knowledge.

Learning and perception, I have not touched. The reason being learning is a direct result of reasoning. I learn when I reason why, how, when, where, and what. Perception is too vague and differs from person to person.

That leaves reason. Reason is the cause. When one thinks about why something happens, one shall always conclude, everything happens because of a reason. Everything happens for a reason. When one thinks about what happened, we are reasoning what happened.

Reason is the effect. When one does something, the result is the reason that someone did the thing in the first place. One likes to think that everything they do has a well thought reason behind it.

Reason is knowledge,
I ask, so I learn.
Reason is truth,
I know, I asked, I learnt.
Reason is honesty,
I check, I knew, I asked, I learnt.
Reason is emotion,
I feel, I know why, I asked how.
Reason is reason,
I am because I reason.

April 28, 2007


Her breathe on my chest
As she lay beside, asleep,
Blew as a cyclone, To the depth of my heart.

The words I read in her eyes,
Say much more than her speech can,
The radiance of a full moon raising,
In the black of her eyes.

Divine music flows out,
With every word she sings,
Music like never heard before,
Reaches my tormented soul, brings peace.

And as she lay beside me,
Sleeping unfazed by this world around,
A calmer face, you’d never see,
Radiant like the rising sun.

Waves on a windy morning,
As she danced all around you,
You see in her bouncing tresses.

The way that her cheeks puff to a smile,
When the clouds of pink arise,
Pink as seen in a new born rose.

The birds start to chirp,
On seeing her every morn,
Without any make up,
Purer than the nature around.

She’d never walk at all,
Seemed to dance wherever she went,
Taking you along, a new life to behold.


April 27, 2007

Insane and Sane

Insane or sane,
I do not know.
The feeling I feel,
I never felt before.
Insane, I hope not,
Sane, I think not.

Insane or sane,
I do not know.
A way seems lost,
A fear seems found.
Hope not insane,
Feel not sane.


The Bride

She stands there at the doorway,
Watching every approaching face,
Searching for the face, she last saw,
On the day she was in silk and lace.

That day is still vivid in her memory,
When she was taken into a man’s life,
The pride that made her heart swell,
When she became a soldier’s wife.

The very next day the war began,
A war fought for the sake of peace.
“A soldier first, a husband next”, he said,
“I have to go and fight till the guns cease.”

She gave a husband to fight a war
With persons whom she did not hate.
Now she waits for him to return,
Knowing that it is in the hands of fate.

Many a mother have given their sons,
To die for the motherland of everyone.
Sons, born to a fathers face, unknown,
Nor do they realize they shall not come.

As she waits for him to return home,
In person, either in life, or in death,
The post man becomes her daily friend,
Lest her husband sneak up to her in stealth.

17th October 2003


Absence of Light

Absence of light around one
Keeps everything in the darkness.
One shall not see the shadow,
Behind the man we see, hidden.

Put the man in lights, ablaze,
The shadow comes out in the open,
The man is now standing alone,
Gone away his shadow.

The light is coming from here,
With the man standing before it,
The shadow is pointing away from him,
Away from the direction of light.

Put your world into the light
To see what with you is good,
So that the bad shall shrink away,
Driven by the light you receive.

Unless you come into the light,
You shall be blind to all,
As absence of light around
Keeps everything in the dark.


War and Peace

The world’s at peace
Wars not fought.
My mind’s at war
With an enemy hidden
No face, no body
No figure for me to wound.
Wounding it is, me,
To the depth of my soul.
My soul’s bleeding
And the wound’s too deep.
The world’s at peace,
The war’s inside me.


April 18, 2007

Who is next?

The guns of battle sound all around me,
A thousand cannons and a million guns
Each more devastating than the one before.
Death is free and is running amok,
The faceless man on the other side,
A side not your, containing enemies,
One that you have never met before,
Nor shall you ever meet again.
Madness to kill a man, unknown
A reason to do you have none.
What sin did he commit my dear friend,
The only sin, that he is from the other side.
He shall never see the face of his child
Holding on to its mother frail hands,
As they sit up looking at the winding road
Waiting for the day their love shall return.
But due to a stray bullet from your gun,
Those lonely eyes that scan the horizon
Shall keep scanning for the rest of their lives,
Searching for a soul that shall never return,.
The blood that stains your hands now,
A deed committed in the name of patriotism,
A word for frenzied murderous fervor,
You shall never wash it off your soul.
I am no better than any of those murderers,
I too have taken lives, some died before
Others still living, wishing they were dead
Worthless lives they lead, waiting to die.
Now I sit here waiting for the night
To come and envelop my tortured life.
Give me respite from all the killing
A time to rest, to plan whom to kill tomorrow.


No Face

Walking through the gentle drizzle,
Falling softly, making spots on me,
Bringing back memories of times gone by.
Hand in hand, we went forth,
To conquer all that was ahead of us.
No job seemed too small, no hill too tall,
All the wars we fought, we never lost.
You gave me the strength I needed to fight
And I gave the thought that you did.
Together we were not two but one,
But come night, you fled,
Relieving me of my strength,
Forcing the vigor of my brain to stop.
You were always there behind me,
As we walked into the rising sun,
And lead me on the lonely path ahead,
As we trudged away from the setting one.
A promise you made, of being beside,
As long I stay in the light,
No matter who may come and who may go,
That you will lie beside.
But during the times, I’d need you the most,
The time of the day when sleep beckons,
When the fears, faced during the day haunt,
Denying the rest, I deserve from drudgery.
No light beside I stay in the dark,
Not knowing the road, I should take,
No one to turn to calm the fear.
As I call out your name aloud at night,
I hear only my thoughts echoing.
You cannot come, as you are not there,
A promise you made remains unbroken.
I eagerly await the coming of the dawn,
To clear the clouds of doubt hanging above,
So I can behold the warmth called love,
That only the all-powerful white orb can give.
As I turn back to see the night,
That I spent in hell all alone,
You stand beside, as if nothing happened,
Ready to accompany to the goals we have.
I cannot ask you why you never stay,
Nor can you tell me where you go at nights,
For I have never seen you laugh or cry,
Or the twinkles that I think your eyes have,
As the shadow of mine can have no face.

18th December 2002


Light in Darkness

The whole world seems dark
And light, not one shining.
A flame, of hope, inside,
Shows the way you need to see

9th July 2002


The window

The world is nothing but a room,
And we are forced to be inside.
Surrounded by four walls, inside given,
A view so restricted, to abide.

The only lookout, a window, open,
Bringing along a breath of fresh air.
Air so fresh, and air so pure,
Showing our existence, so bare.

Break down the walls and fly,
Out to the open skies around,
To rules you make and views you see,
Make yours, the rules you abide.

7th November 2002



Dream they’d say
As far as you dare.
Dream they’d say
For all that you care.
Dream they’d say
For anything’s possible.
Dream they’d say
With a little effort.

Be wary, I’d say
As how you dream.
Be wary, I’d say
As how high you soar.
Be wary, I’d say
To see the ground below.
Be wary, I’d say
Of dreams failing you.

Care I’d say
For dreams impossible.
Care I’d say
Of hopes harbored.
Care I’d say
As pain’s around the corner.
Care I’d say
Of knives knifing you.


Keep him alive

Scorned by the parent unknown above,
Rudely he was thrown out to the world below.
Came riding the god of death,
With his first breath, he took his mother’s last.

A loving father he did have,
Sadly the father loved some other.
Thrown into the streets outside,
A symbol of ill luck, a symbol of death.

Have always thought of the fact,
As how life can become death.
As to how a tiny baby, new born,
Can be potent enough to kill.

Scorned by the parent he knew not,
He walked on into this harsh world.
Building the roads, he walked upon,
Making the beds, he slept in.

Not a soul seemed to care,
No one asked if he had a meal,
No loving hand to soothe the pain,
Remnant of a haunting nightmare.

He never did once lose hope
Of getting back at this world.
More than the desire for revenge,
Was that to be accepted as a man.

Someday the scars began to heal.
That day when he found a friend,
Who saw him for what he was,
Not for what he had been or shall be.

That hand seemed to ease the way,
And the pain that came along.
The words gave him courage,
To live a life that lacked value.

What the world could not give,
What the parent would not provide,
When the going seemed to drag him down,
From where did that smile come along?

In a life filled with scornful faces,
Why is there that one with a smile?
In a world that dubbed him worthless,
How do those words kindle the use in him?

In a world filled with hate,
Why did that heart give him love?
Dear friend, in a world he’d rather be dead in,
Why does that hand keep him alive?

3rd September 2003


Dark day bright night

The dark of the day scares me,
Faces of terror encompass my soul.
The light of the night blinds me,
Unable to see the things I should know.

The hunger of those who are rich
Wanting still more bewilders me.
The contentment of those poor
In having their need puzzles me.

Peace I found in hell soothed me,
People atoned for the sins they committed.
Bedlam I found in heaven troubled me,
Regret for pardon of crimes forgotten.

Greed I found in god stunned me,
A greed for the good of the world,
Generosity of man shocked me,
Generous only if he were to gain.

I cannot comprehend the emotion of the mind,
Giving more importance to thought.
Nor do I understand the thought of the heart,
Putting emotion before the right.

The hatred of a mother amazes me
Of those who think ill of her child,
The love of an enemy on the other side
To kill those on this side baffles me.

The power that hate wields amazes me ,
To destroy what was created with love and care,
The weakness of love calms my nerves,
Never to destroy, creating beauty and joy.

The thievery of a saint impresses me,
Theft from the power of the hidden soul.
The piety of a thief seems strange,
Thievery to feed his loves ones, saintly.

The stupidity of education irritates me,
Minds filled with useless information.
The knowledge of ignorance pleases my mind,
Ways to live and wisdom to find.

The frown on a face of a friend captivates me,
Anger as I have strayed in my path.
The smile on the face of the foe of mine
A smile due to my waywardness, surprises me.

Dark of the day scares me,
Light of the night blinds me,
Things I have known and seen today
Shall make me a better man tomorrow.

5th March 2003



A walk along a rock-laden beach
Brings a parallel to the life we lead.
The wave crashes on the rocky beach,
All the energy gone in froth.
The wave, destroyed recedes,
To come back again, if only to crash.
Life too is similar, my dear,
The hopes we have are the waves,
The harsh reality, the rocky beach.
Every time the hope seems to break
Because the life was not ready
To fulfill that one harbored hope,
Never fret away your life.
Come back with renewed energy,
Because even with all seeming lost,
The only reason once can ever have
To try again, all over though once lost,
Is hope, even if it were to crash on rocks.

18th July 2002


Eyes of a child

Look at the world through the eyes of a child,
You shall see hope rising above despair.
Look at the world through the eyes of a child
You shall see the light that blinds the dark.

Smile at the world through the lips of a child,
You shall know the tenderness of all.
Smile at the world through the lips of a child,
You shall see the cause is love at heart.

Hear the world through the ears of a child,
You shall notice jealousy does not exist.
Hear the world through the ears of a child,
You shall know, as a result, rises trust.

Feel the world through the hands of a child,
You shall see the tenderness of a touch.
Feel the world through the hands of a child,
You shall feel the good of being so tender.

Live life like it were of a child,
You shall find the new future is there.
Live life like it were of a child,
You shall reach the distant new horizon.

26th September 2002


Natural Romeo

Blow, oh North Eastern wind,
All the way from here to where I don't belong.
See If thy can blow away the air, sinned,
That repels me away from there,
Asking me away from where I am pinned.

Burn with all thy might,
Oh, thou warmth giving sun, burn away the disease
That stops that heart from seeing the light
Of a new day having dawned,
To replace the dark we were in of a night.

Rise, after the departure of the orb, so hot,
Shine down with a cooling face, Oh moon,
See if thy can stop the war fought,
And bring peace back to the mind,
Peace that we deserve a lot.

Blaze away, Oh fuel eating flame,
Fed by images of love and passion.
All left behind reasons so lame,
See if thy can burn them to ashes
And make thee worth thy name.

Pour down, thee all quenching rain,
Bringing relief to the parched heart.
See if thy can create for them who refrain
Gardens of truth and hope,
For both the heart and the brain.

Open for me, earth under my feet,
Swallow the fear they possess,
Of times which they are scared to meet.
Give them the strength thy store,
To laugh with me at danger and it to greet.

Flow, Oh rampant raging river,
Flow to the heart that does not feel,
The hopes I harbor even as they sliver,
Meander along, if thou can't force,
To show them I am a forgiver.

Erupt now, Oh volcano inside,
Pour out the burning lava from deep inside.
Reach out and thaw that ice of a heart that died,
Or burn the stone that may lie there,
That caused a death over which no one wept.

Oh, thou sentries of the world so new,
One to which I don't belong to now,
Put together an act, known to few,
Go and do what I could not do,
Woo for me a girl, looking like morning dew.

22nd December 2002

April 15, 2007


I stood by myself,
Then her, I saw.
Companionship, I craved,
Up sprang lust.
Through flames I walked,
To clear myself of sin,
Sin, of being human,
Sin of being alive.

Not a morsel,
Had I taken in days.
Pangs of hunger,
They ran wild.
I look at food, not to partake,
To clean up a sin,
Sin of being human,
Sin of being alive.

Day and night,
I toil.
The rewards,
Justly mine, of my toil,
I cannot desire,
I cannot have.
A sin, sin of working,
Sin of greed, for my work.

My wants, limited,
My desires, limited.
My work,
Aimed at this, limited.
I have to work more,
To repent a sin,
Sin of sloth,
Sin of simplicity.

Injustice, prevalent,
Reaction none.
My temper fails.
Dismember, to rejoin, to dismember,
My body in hell.
To pay for a sin,
Sin of having emotions,
Sin of being human.

I see you,
Better than I am.
I see me, I can be better.
Raises its green-eyed head.
I sew my eyes shut,
Purging a sin,
Sin of desire to excel.

I performed, I excelled.
I showed myself,
What I am worth.
Pride I felt,
In being me.
With bowed head, I walk,
Whipped, to be humble in sin,
Sin of being myself.

Lust, desire,
Gluttony, hunger,
Greed, want,
Sloth, satisfaction,
Anger, wrath,
Envy, motivation,
Pride, excellence,
All sins, all human.


(To read more on this refer Seven Deadly Sins from Wikipedia)

April 12, 2007


Words said
With no one to hear.
No words spoken,
A thousand words heard.

Thoughts written
With no counter arguments.
No replies had,
A thousand thoughts given.

Time spent
With no one around.
No company had,
A thousand hours spent.

Alone, he lives,
In soliloquy,
In solitude,
In monologues,
He thrives.


April 3, 2007


I have spoken about this to many people and I am yet to come to a conclusion.

People, they talk and talk,
Saying things
They really don’t mean.
Of daily events,
Of daily deeds.
Things I don’t need to know
Things that mean not a thing.
Are they open,
Open to me,
Open to the world?

Here I am,
So closed,
So unknown.
Every thought,
Every deed,
Known to me,
Unknown to all.
I let you in my thoughts
I show you what I think,
The things that matter,
The things I hold dear,
Closest to my heart.

Who is open,
Who is closed?
Who is secure,
In insecurity?
Who is insecure,
In security?
Who has a need,
Need to know?
Who has a need,
A need to say?
Who is real, who is not,
Who is to say?