April 18, 2007

No Face

Walking through the gentle drizzle,
Falling softly, making spots on me,
Bringing back memories of times gone by.
Hand in hand, we went forth,
To conquer all that was ahead of us.
No job seemed too small, no hill too tall,
All the wars we fought, we never lost.
You gave me the strength I needed to fight
And I gave the thought that you did.
Together we were not two but one,
But come night, you fled,
Relieving me of my strength,
Forcing the vigor of my brain to stop.
You were always there behind me,
As we walked into the rising sun,
And lead me on the lonely path ahead,
As we trudged away from the setting one.
A promise you made, of being beside,
As long I stay in the light,
No matter who may come and who may go,
That you will lie beside.
But during the times, I’d need you the most,
The time of the day when sleep beckons,
When the fears, faced during the day haunt,
Denying the rest, I deserve from drudgery.
No light beside I stay in the dark,
Not knowing the road, I should take,
No one to turn to calm the fear.
As I call out your name aloud at night,
I hear only my thoughts echoing.
You cannot come, as you are not there,
A promise you made remains unbroken.
I eagerly await the coming of the dawn,
To clear the clouds of doubt hanging above,
So I can behold the warmth called love,
That only the all-powerful white orb can give.
As I turn back to see the night,
That I spent in hell all alone,
You stand beside, as if nothing happened,
Ready to accompany to the goals we have.
I cannot ask you why you never stay,
Nor can you tell me where you go at nights,
For I have never seen you laugh or cry,
Or the twinkles that I think your eyes have,
As the shadow of mine can have no face.

18th December 2002



Suchitra said...

Good one there...well, I have never felt the need for my shadow. He is a very weak thing, you know, just a farce, that too of my body only. Why he follows me, I have no idea, but I do not say no it, indeed I cannot. The only way I can shake him off is by inviting darkness.

Lazy Lavender said...

I never thought I had a shadow!! Even if I had one, I don't think it'd be able to give me any strength. But why would I want to have someone accompany me in light but ditch me in when it's dark? Considering light and dark to be analogies to phases of our life, the brighter and the tougher ones, resp.