September 11, 2007

Idea of a good time

These are the things of late which have given me a good time

  1. Walking home alone in the rain
  2. In a crowded train, my cell playing my favorite songs
  3. A dinner, open skies, best buddy, good food, things to talk
  4. Lemon juice, salt lemon soda, no words, lots being said
  5. College, friendly professor, seemed avuncular
  6. College fountain, thoughts of a time shared with a friend
  7. Ride home on a bus, seeing stars after a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time
  8. Realizing that things I meant to talk to with people important to me, can never be said
  9. Driving my car. dad's rather, "New York Nagaram" at full blast
  10. Finding old books, the smell from them
  11. Betting on who among the three musketeers will get married first
  12. Finding out the person who I thought will never get married, is engaged
  13. College, juniors, talking to me like I am an Uncle

They are not in any order, this post is an indulgence!