April 18, 2007

Natural Romeo

Blow, oh North Eastern wind,
All the way from here to where I don't belong.
See If thy can blow away the air, sinned,
That repels me away from there,
Asking me away from where I am pinned.

Burn with all thy might,
Oh, thou warmth giving sun, burn away the disease
That stops that heart from seeing the light
Of a new day having dawned,
To replace the dark we were in of a night.

Rise, after the departure of the orb, so hot,
Shine down with a cooling face, Oh moon,
See if thy can stop the war fought,
And bring peace back to the mind,
Peace that we deserve a lot.

Blaze away, Oh fuel eating flame,
Fed by images of love and passion.
All left behind reasons so lame,
See if thy can burn them to ashes
And make thee worth thy name.

Pour down, thee all quenching rain,
Bringing relief to the parched heart.
See if thy can create for them who refrain
Gardens of truth and hope,
For both the heart and the brain.

Open for me, earth under my feet,
Swallow the fear they possess,
Of times which they are scared to meet.
Give them the strength thy store,
To laugh with me at danger and it to greet.

Flow, Oh rampant raging river,
Flow to the heart that does not feel,
The hopes I harbor even as they sliver,
Meander along, if thou can't force,
To show them I am a forgiver.

Erupt now, Oh volcano inside,
Pour out the burning lava from deep inside.
Reach out and thaw that ice of a heart that died,
Or burn the stone that may lie there,
That caused a death over which no one wept.

Oh, thou sentries of the world so new,
One to which I don't belong to now,
Put together an act, known to few,
Go and do what I could not do,
Woo for me a girl, looking like morning dew.

22nd December 2002

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