April 18, 2007

Dark day bright night

The dark of the day scares me,
Faces of terror encompass my soul.
The light of the night blinds me,
Unable to see the things I should know.

The hunger of those who are rich
Wanting still more bewilders me.
The contentment of those poor
In having their need puzzles me.

Peace I found in hell soothed me,
People atoned for the sins they committed.
Bedlam I found in heaven troubled me,
Regret for pardon of crimes forgotten.

Greed I found in god stunned me,
A greed for the good of the world,
Generosity of man shocked me,
Generous only if he were to gain.

I cannot comprehend the emotion of the mind,
Giving more importance to thought.
Nor do I understand the thought of the heart,
Putting emotion before the right.

The hatred of a mother amazes me
Of those who think ill of her child,
The love of an enemy on the other side
To kill those on this side baffles me.

The power that hate wields amazes me ,
To destroy what was created with love and care,
The weakness of love calms my nerves,
Never to destroy, creating beauty and joy.

The thievery of a saint impresses me,
Theft from the power of the hidden soul.
The piety of a thief seems strange,
Thievery to feed his loves ones, saintly.

The stupidity of education irritates me,
Minds filled with useless information.
The knowledge of ignorance pleases my mind,
Ways to live and wisdom to find.

The frown on a face of a friend captivates me,
Anger as I have strayed in my path.
The smile on the face of the foe of mine
A smile due to my waywardness, surprises me.

Dark of the day scares me,
Light of the night blinds me,
Things I have known and seen today
Shall make me a better man tomorrow.

5th March 2003


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