April 28, 2007


Her breathe on my chest
As she lay beside, asleep,
Blew as a cyclone, To the depth of my heart.

The words I read in her eyes,
Say much more than her speech can,
The radiance of a full moon raising,
In the black of her eyes.

Divine music flows out,
With every word she sings,
Music like never heard before,
Reaches my tormented soul, brings peace.

And as she lay beside me,
Sleeping unfazed by this world around,
A calmer face, you’d never see,
Radiant like the rising sun.

Waves on a windy morning,
As she danced all around you,
You see in her bouncing tresses.

The way that her cheeks puff to a smile,
When the clouds of pink arise,
Pink as seen in a new born rose.

The birds start to chirp,
On seeing her every morn,
Without any make up,
Purer than the nature around.

She’d never walk at all,
Seemed to dance wherever she went,
Taking you along, a new life to behold.



DreamVendor said...

Very beautiful. Breezy.

Nice one!

Sense in non-sense Aditya said...

Thanks. I would never have associated the word breezy with it. :D