April 18, 2007


A walk along a rock-laden beach
Brings a parallel to the life we lead.
The wave crashes on the rocky beach,
All the energy gone in froth.
The wave, destroyed recedes,
To come back again, if only to crash.
Life too is similar, my dear,
The hopes we have are the waves,
The harsh reality, the rocky beach.
Every time the hope seems to break
Because the life was not ready
To fulfill that one harbored hope,
Never fret away your life.
Come back with renewed energy,
Because even with all seeming lost,
The only reason once can ever have
To try again, all over though once lost,
Is hope, even if it were to crash on rocks.

18th July 2002


1 comment:

Lazy Lavender said...

The analogy is fine. Did anyone ever wonder whether water of the waves, feels any pain when it crashes against the rocks?