April 15, 2007


I stood by myself,
Then her, I saw.
Companionship, I craved,
Up sprang lust.
Through flames I walked,
To clear myself of sin,
Sin, of being human,
Sin of being alive.

Not a morsel,
Had I taken in days.
Pangs of hunger,
They ran wild.
I look at food, not to partake,
To clean up a sin,
Sin of being human,
Sin of being alive.

Day and night,
I toil.
The rewards,
Justly mine, of my toil,
I cannot desire,
I cannot have.
A sin, sin of working,
Sin of greed, for my work.

My wants, limited,
My desires, limited.
My work,
Aimed at this, limited.
I have to work more,
To repent a sin,
Sin of sloth,
Sin of simplicity.

Injustice, prevalent,
Reaction none.
My temper fails.
Dismember, to rejoin, to dismember,
My body in hell.
To pay for a sin,
Sin of having emotions,
Sin of being human.

I see you,
Better than I am.
I see me, I can be better.
Raises its green-eyed head.
I sew my eyes shut,
Purging a sin,
Sin of desire to excel.

I performed, I excelled.
I showed myself,
What I am worth.
Pride I felt,
In being me.
With bowed head, I walk,
Whipped, to be humble in sin,
Sin of being myself.

Lust, desire,
Gluttony, hunger,
Greed, want,
Sloth, satisfaction,
Anger, wrath,
Envy, motivation,
Pride, excellence,
All sins, all human.


(To read more on this refer Seven Deadly Sins from Wikipedia)


Suchitra said...

Clap-clap-clap. Good one there.

The Seven Deadly Sins and the story of Lucifer is very close to my heart, because I was in a play on the same subject a long time back. I played 'Wrath'. With a red costume with flames painted on it.

If you observe, of the seven sins, Lust, Greed, Wrath and Envy are not concerened only with you, but also with others. GLuttony, sloth and pride, on the other hand, are subject only to yourself.

I will take the stand that the first four are not, in moderation, sins. Overindulgence in them makes them sins. They are tools, it matters what you do with it. They have been classified as sins, probably on the grounds that overindulgence in them hurts the people it targets. My value of myself does not allow me to destroy another person. The obvious conclusion is, people who overindulge, who commit the 'sins' have no value of their own selves, they try to get better opinions of themselves by exercising power over another. Rape, genocide, the tendency of the rich to rob the poor to become richer, and sympathy (I add this too) are, in my opinion, because of this. The fundamental problem is insecurity, not knowing your self, not loving your self.

To experience lust, to want to have, to feel anger against society, to feel admiration and a sense of feeling not-up-to-the-mark are all completely human tendencies. With a good understanding of the self, they become something positive, something you can feed on to make you better. Without respect for yourself, it comes out as sin.

The last three sins, gluttony, sloth and pride do not depend on an external source in any way. They cncern only you. Gluttony is indulging yourself in one thing, mostly at the cost of some damage to yourself. Here, the decision depends on the person involved: if the damage incurred is not as important as the pleasure of the moment, he indulges in it. Overeating or binge drinking ultimately causes damage. Here again, a person with a strong sense of self would not overindulge in something that is detrimetal to his health.

Regarding pride, there are two words which are often confused: pride and vanity. Vanity refers to a good opinion of oneself. Pride refers to the feeling that one is better than his mates. Interestingly, the word pride, is also used in contexts like 'to be proud of one's country, one's ethos', where it is perceived to be a very positive thing. To me, there is nothing wrong about pride of the self, or vanity. There, however, is a lot of out-of-order with the fact that you feel pride for having been born in a country, a particular part of the world, speaking a particular language, belonging to a specific set of people. That is a sin, IMHO. However, this seems to be the exact opposite of perception by the world.

The only 'sin' I can relate to in the list is sloth. To know that one can do something, one has the potential (mgh :P) yet not doing it seems such a waste. I can certify that, as a guilty party myself. I know I have the potential to know more than I actually do, but seldom put in the effort, because my limited efforts get me satisfactory results. To me, the fact that I am completely not me, seems a blasphemy. Am trying to correct that.

Interestingly, the seven virtues, the counter virtues, assume that sins and virtues are complementary. The common thread running through them, is selflessness. The 'virtues', as such, are good concepts, but not the cost of myself.

Ultimately, good and bad is what we define, with reason.

Rajaraman said...

I wish to state these acts themselves do not form ulate to sin. But the impact of these on feloows may be called sins.
A person may bejealous But is he does not do anything to impact others is not a sin. He burns himself with jealous.
Can we call it sin. If jelour triggers creativity in tha tperson and he tries to do better is it not good.
Like this others also.
Pride of being a citizens is created as virtue tp control certain bad things. to bound a vast majority of individuals.If it is not there the nation will go to chos. They are required. These checks and balances in manhood. Or else it will be a sppeding vehicle without a brake.
so all these things are required in measured quantities in each individuals to trigger creativity growth and prosperity.