August 22, 2007

Only for me

Walking along
On a crowded pavement,
Faces rushing past
No one to meet.
The first drop
Lands on my face,
The drop of rain,
The drop of joy.
People, they run,
Helter skelter,
Seeking shelter,
Under something else.
As the skies open
All around me,
I walk on
A million drops
Of joy
On me.
All alone,
All drenched,
In the rain,
On the pavement,
I watch the rain
Falling on me,
Falling for me,
Only me.



Rajaraman said...

I fully agree. Getting drenched in drops of rain is a refreshing feeling.
Specially when the first few drops on you you feel really high.
your narration is very good But the finishing lines appear too selfish.
Yarukkaga koduthan . orutharukka koduthan Illai urukka koduthan illai urukkaga koduthan

Sense in non-sense Aditya said...

It does not matter for whom it was created. All that matters to me is that I enjoy it. It is completely selfish. The reason being that I cannot and do not want to share the enjoyment with anyone. It is a very personal feeling. That is why it is only for me, because I could not care less if you enjoyed it or not. (No hard feeling!)