October 8, 2007

Joy and Pain

Tearing my way,
Bursting the seams,
I ride out.
In a torrent of blood,
I ride out.

She cries in pain,
She cried with joy.
Tears, they are the same,
She gave me birth,
She gave me life.

He stands there,
Disbelief in his eyes,
He created life,
In pleasure,
He created me.

Out of their pleasure,
Born to her pain,
I shall bring joy,
I shall bring pain.

Their lives,
With mine,
Their actions,
Based on my needs.

I caused her pain,
With my birth,
With my birth,
I caused them joy.
Was it them or was it me?

Do I still please
Or are they pleased,
To see my life
My way?

They gave me life,
They showed me life.
Even if I live it
Against wishes, theirs,
Happy they are, for me.

My joys,
Mine, do I share?
My pain,
They partake,
Don’t they care?

Their pain,
They share.
Their pain,
I am clueless,
Why do I not care?

Joy in my joy,
Pain in my pain.
Joy in their joy,
Pain, un-shown,
Unknown, unseen.

October 2nd 2007

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