November 5, 2007

All grown up

You know you have grown up when
  • People start taking your opinion seriously
  • Your father does not have a look of bewilderment when you say that you are taking the car out (he does not even roll over in his sleep, (yes he was asleep))
  • You are not scared of being pulled over by the traffic police for driving (it does not matter, you have a license and you look like you are twice your age which is more than twenty)
  • When you take the wheel of your car, feel the wind in your face, the empty roads ahead of you, your best friends in the seat next to you and behind you, and the music over the speaker and you know this does not get better
  • When your parents are thinking of getting you married (who said that child marriage does not exist? :P)
  • When you can go to the best restaurant in town, have a hearty meal, and not look order from the price list, or think how your father is going to react when you tell him the amount you spent and the fact that you need more money
  • When your friend and you have a fight as to who is going to pay and not vice versa
  • When you are sitting in a car, surrounded by mosquitoes, with the person you trust more than anyone else, talk about things that you never knew you both could talk about
  • When you know that you have to go back to work, come Monday morning and it is work!
  • When one of the people you went to school with is buying a house and he can actually pay for it himself
  • When you start timing your purchases on the basis of the billing cycle of your credit card, rather than the timing of the need or the whim
  • When you wait for the end of the month so that you can see the bank balance burgeon, so that you can start spending again
  • When your father starts telling you on how important it is to save
  • When you want to buy stuff for people, just because they hinted on it sometime ago, because you can
  • When you do not get a peaceful nights sleep at night, things running through your head (not exams, not girls, just things)
  • When people make a big deal out of you coming home and are willing to come to the station, in pouring rain, just to see the look on your face when you arrive
  • When you refer to the word home and people ask, “Which one?”
  • When you start smiling, a memory having just popped in your head
  • When the you run out of fingers and toes and bodily parts before you run out friends you lost
  • When you have no idea where the years till now have rolled
  • When you have no idea what is going on and why, but are glad something is going on

I just realized, I may have just grown up and I hate (to be read as love) it!!!!


Lazy Lavender said...

I'd feel like a grown up, when they don't come to the railway station to pick me up; considering me old enough to take care of myself; and would actually love that.

Rajaraman said...

Coming to station is not out of anxiety or lack of confidence. It is more out of affection and to be with the leaver for a longer duration.
coming to station to pick up is again out affection and to ,see the comer at the earliest. Hope we appreciate that.

Prats said...

You mean to say I have grown up.... F**K MAN :-(

Aditya Rajaraman said...

@ Sindhu
That is all in the perspective is it not? I thought of it as having left home for so long that they yearn for me. This is the reason that they come to the station, to spend a few more minutes with me.
In your case, I do not want to hazard a guess on what the thought process is.

Lazy Lavender said...
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Lazy Lavender said...

@ Aditya,

Of course it is all about the perspective. Only my comment was not on how I perceive their act. It was on what I'd feel in response to their act.

To clear any ambiguity in my previous comment, I said "I'd feel like a grown up, when they don't come to the railway station to pick me up", which is to mean, as long as there's someone to pick me up, I wouldn't feel like a grown up; and not 'I wish' or 'Why can't' they considered me old enough and let me take care of myself.(/?) It is just something that would make/not make me feel like a grown up.

By saying I'd love that, I don't imply that I hate what it currently is. And I didn't say "I'd prefer that".