July 7, 2008

Life and Death

Everytime I look in your eyes,
I live a thousand lifetimes,
Everytime you close your eyes
I die a thousand deaths.
Life and death,
Separated by the blink of your eyes.
In you I see me,
In me you see you.
Everytime you see in my eyes,
I die a thousand deaths.
Everytime I close my eyes,
I live a thousand lifetimes.
Death and Life
Separated by the blinking of mine


Rajaraman said...

What do you wnat to convey through this. Onnume puriyallaiye.

Shan said...


aditya said...

@ Rajaraman (as per your request)
I wish that there was some way to let you know what I thought when I wrote poetry. However, poetry is personal, it is for the reader to understand what he/she chooses.

@ Shan
Thanks I guess

Hari said...

That was a good set of words put together.. Awesome !!

aditya said...

@ Hari
Words are nothing but a medium, from my head to yours!