January 15, 2009

Baga beach

The waves gently wash to the shore
As the crowds mill past us
Some friends, some couples, some lovers
All here at Goa for different reasons
For the sun and for the sand
For all its hidden romances
For cheap King’s Beer and Feni
All have come together, all have come alone
But dear, nothing of that matters,
For I am at Baga with you.

People taking water sports
Soaring above the water on their parachutes
Looking so small, smaller than your nail
Some riding a flimsy banana boat ride,
Riding along, getting thrown off
Some hang on to dear life
As they bounce all over the waves
In their water bumper ride
No Sir, no sports for me today
I am at Baga with you.

Women and men sunbathing
For their own country is too cold for a tan
Lying on beach chairs
With sun-glass covered eyes
And sweat drenched bodies, all for the tan
Beach torts all around selling
Bead chains, to be worn in Goa only
Offering massages, temporary tattoos, cheap
None of which I want little girl
For I am at Baga with you.

Riding along bikes,
The wind in the hair, the waves beside
On roads so narrow, that no one can pass,
Where people have right to pass
And so do the stray dogs and cows of the place.
Long roads, along the countryside
As we go to Anjuna, for the flea market
Or to Aguada to the Dil Chatha Hai fort,
I do not want to ride my dear for
Today I am at Baga with you.

Lazing around in the shacks on the beach,
Scores of ones to choose from,
Go to Lucky star, or go to Zanzibar,
They let you lie around, in those easy chairs
The salty air, the warm sun above,
Shall put you to sleep,
Even if the excess of beer and food does not,
Not too much beer for me, for there are'nt any restrooms
For I need to be here dear,
As I am on Baga with you.

Sand castles we have built, a million times,
But we are yet to build one here
One that is mighty,
With fortified walls and all
Tall towers to keep watch for enemies
As we rest safely inside
Did we build too close to the shore dear,
For the waves come in high on the shore dear
And our monument, our castle is washed away dear,
Monument for I was at Baga with you


Destination Infinity said...

What is this Baga?

Destination Infinity

aditya said...

Baga Beach : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baga,_Goa

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Quite a picture, these lines conjured in my mind!

molly said...

I was in India 2 years ago and became so sick I had to leave (spent 2 weeks at Breach Candy). So, I never made it to Goa. But, next time I will. I look forward to the beautiful beaches...

priyanka said...

Hey aditya- came across this piece quite by chance. it vividly sums up the goa experience!