September 29, 2005


I know that I like you,
As much as you like me.
The laughter that we share,
The moments we have
The times that we spend
Remain a source of joy
In a world that is losing sanity.
But why is that when you come close
I shall come as close as I can
And when I get real close,
I shall run from you,
not knowing why I run.
It is not something that I understand
Nor is it that I am proud of
But every time that I get close
To someone that I value,
I become scared and withdraw.
Is it a fear of companionship
That I am not comfortable with you?
It can not be that,
I enjoy when we talk.
Is it a fear that I shall get too involved
So much that I lose my self in you?
It cant be that either,
I can never be anyone but me.
The reason my dear is simple
As it is obvious.
It is because my friend
I am scared to death
That I shall lose you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey tat' s different kinda thought n emotion but i hope its nothing personal