September 30, 2005

Me? Who?

I am sitting here and the rain is pouring down. This city seems to have never ending rains. I was on lunch when it was sunny and now it is pouring cats and dogs. I have nothing to do and the classes are suspended till the exams that start on the 17th. Till then I have to work for the summers and the best part is that I have no idea as to where to start.
A thought seems to take me. What is the greatest crime of them all? Is it stealing the crown jewels, or war secrets from a country? Is it betrayal of someone’s trust or is it not living up to someone’s expectations? Or is it being someone you are not?
What makes people act as if they are someone they are not? What makes them seem one person to the public and totally another to their own self? The worst part is that the people around you want you to be someone you are not.
What makes a man unique? Is it what he does? Is it what he speaks or is it what he believes in? A man is unique not because of what he says or does, but because of the fact that he is man. One must realize that the people they are with are what they are. They can’t change and there is no point in changing.
Coming back to the crime. What makes one want to be someone they are not? There have been times when I myself have been someone I am not. I think that a person acts in a different manner if there is something to gain when he is different. When a person is not comfortable with what he or she believes in and feels that someone else’s ideas are better than theirs, there shall come a time when they doubt their own abilities. If you want to someone’s circle and you think that you are not acceptable as you are, then what do you do? The logical option would be to change yourself and act as if you are one of them.
This means that you are killing what you are to gain something that you want. The other option would be to sacrifice what is less important, the circle. In this world there are some things that can be given up. The one thing that can’t be is what you are and what you mean to yourself.

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