October 1, 2005

What do I want?

My application for one of the top financial institutions in the world has been turned down. It did make me feel really small and insignificant. But it also got me thinking. I have no idea as to what the company does other than the few words that they told us. I had not even heard of the company till I came to SIBM and the first time that I heard it I asked the person who was sitting next to me what it was. The look that I got from that person was enough to convince me of my ignorance. Talking to seniors, the people that have been there and done that, I was told that was a company to die for. And you know what? I was actually convinced.

Now that I am not going to be a part of that process, I look back and think. To those who know me very well, yes I actually can think! Did I want to get into the company because I thought that I shall be able to make a difference to the company and me or did I want to get in because that all around me thought that it was a cool company? Coming at a time when I am beginning to understand what I am and what I stand for, this question is a rude awakening. Too rude for comfort. I only hope that for the companies to come, I am not in this situation.


Anonymous said...

Hey Adi!
It is definitely awakening when we step out of the normal comfort zone which we take for granted.

And it is a must for every person to be on their own, (at the earliest in life )and have a self realisation. I guess your time at SIBM is that very period! Make the most of it.


Anonymous said...

destiny determines where life leads you adi. It's okay not to know what you want-just be sure of what you dont want