February 13, 2006

The Truth

The sky seems to open up on me,
The light getting too dim to see,
Lend me light me dear friend,
Told me up till the end.
Hope runs away from us,
But we aren’t ones to make a fuss.
We are enough of strength to the other,
Of rest of the world we don’t bother.
The worlds an amazing place to behold,
Of stories and tales still to be told,
We are the ones who shall see
Of all that we can ever be.
Stand by me my dear one,
Tell me the truth of things undone,
I am the person that you have seen,
In your dreams, what you have been.
Dated: 11:02:04


God Krishna said...

hey dude... got here from orkut... ur blog rocks...read the whole musing of a tam bram.. i too am a tam bram and able to relate to what u r saying... which college r u doing ur MBA in Pune???

balu said...

awesome one , mate :D

made me travel into the past

hey chk out my blog ...
i need ur suggestions on how to improve it :)