March 9, 2006

Platonic Relationship

In the world, at the ideal state there is said to exist an equal ratio of women to men. That makes the age old statement “for every person there is someone in this world”. But then more than that one person, it is the bonds that we create with others that make life more livable.

What is a sign of a modern society? Is it having cars, mansions, economies booming, where everyone is getting richer everyday? What I am asking is whether the society is classified by what it does or how it does what it does?

The society is defined by thousands of rules that one needs to follow. These rules are defined by wisdom (supposedly) handed down through the centuries and create the environment that we live in. it is one of these worldly words of wisdom that I want to question.

Taking off from what I was talking about, the concept of the elusive someone, that one person who can bring sunlight into the darkest gloom, that soul mate. I had a friend who once told me that she had a soul mate and she had to let him go and never in her life will she ever love someone as she loved him. But then when I went into asking her how it happened, it all came out. They were the best of friends and then one fine day lightening decides to strike. She realizes that he is the one with whom she will be the happiest.

I am not going to question what she feels, but then what I wanted to ask was why was it that most of the people that become lovers in life start as friends; some as members in the same group, the others as the best friends, who one fine day decide they want their relationship to transcend into another plane. One of my best friends told me once that has been told to me by parents for years, that a boy and girl can never have a platonic relationship.

I do agree that the people that start of as friends are better able to live with the other person. They already have a base to work on and they know most of there is to know about the person they are besotted with. It seems to make life so much easier when you have a friend and then they become the person that you spend the rest of your life with. Does that mean there is no way that a relation can be platonic in this world?

What is a platonic relationship? The dictionary describes it as being nonsexual. That does seem to be the dictionary meaning. But then is it the real sense that one gives when they say that they are platonic? I think not.

Boys will be boys and girls, girls. In a situation like this, the two of them have to meet in the middle to have a relationship going. By relation I do not mean in the physical sense. So it is natural for them both to have some undercurrents going. There shall be times when they look at the other and see the qualities that make them special. At times like this they shall wish what if the other person was something more than just a friend, what if they were the one that they could spend the entire life with. But then they shall realize that it is just an impulse and that the thought holds no backing. They shall not voice that momentary feeling and the relation remains one of platonic; devoid of all sexual connotations. There in lies the root to true relationship, to think as to what is best for the parties involved and to realize that all actions acted on impulses are not worth the effort. As they say, better to lose the battle to win the war.

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