August 10, 2006

Snapshots of life

I stare out of the window,
At the world passing by.
So many faces, so many stories
So may things to behold.
Each person has a tale,
Of a life they have lived,
Ambitions unfulfilled, hopes harbored.
Each carries a suffering,
Each carries a joy.
Some show on their faces
The life they are leading,
Some keep it safe inside
Safe from the world they are running from.
They walk on taking each step
In the hope that this day will be better
Than the one they are coming from.
They pass by without a glance,
Not a break in the stride.
They walk on into the distance
Leaving no trace of them having been here.
Their faces forgotten in an instant,
They stories remain untold.
I go back to my life,
To the dreams and hopes I harbor,
To live the life I have unlived
To walk outside someone’s window.

Dated: 9th August 2006

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pushkala said...

very nice one!