August 14, 2006

What am I?

The question posed to me or rather a statement that led me to the question that is defined by three simple words; “What am I?” is because of Pushkala response to the piece, “Illusions and boundaries”. She told that the word ‘you’ itself is an illusion. So here I am, asking the same thing, what am I?

Do I exist,
Do I live?
Do I meander,
Along paths tread for me?
Am I an illusion
Of the things I show?
Do I define what I am
In the acts I perform,
In the crimes I commit
And by the passion I exhibit?

Am I just a figament
A creation in your head?
Do you see me the way I am
Or the way that you wish to see me?
Are you aware of me, and my existence?
Do you see a reason
For my existence,
For my living
For my travails along paths
You yourself don’t approve?

Am I an illusion
Taking form when needed?
Living between perception
In the eyes of the world that I see?
Am I real
Or a falsified reality?
Where do I live,
Where do I hold weight,
In the unreal outside world
Or the real world; in your head?

Dated: 14th August 2006


uttara said...

nice one...very intraspective eh?..i guess we live to find the answers for them...and we do get them ultimately, i suppose...

if "you" is illusion, so is everything, but we do mange that dont we?? real or unreal cant change things happening...
but for who am i??? u are adithya and u will always be adithya which no one else can be...that makes u special...

mahalakshmi said...

ah well this reminds me of the song
"nirpadhuve nadapadhuve" in the movie "bharathi"

Prats said...

"Am I an Illusion" is it the oppugn in mind of thee,
Or the Hamlet in thous asking To Be or Not to Be,
When thou came a part of the world revelled,
Whn thou would go a part in misery would swell,
What would matter how the abode of life you dwelled.

Thats all I can say for your questions buddy....

Phi said...

U are whatever you want to be; now, for the moment and forever, for the future. Coz we shape our own destinies and our own appearances.

barath said...

Good one buddy !
The poem is talking about "Existentialism"
The same questions were raised by Albert Camus(an absurdist u can say) and Bharathiyar.

Bharathyar used the word "காட்சிப் பிழை" for illusion.How beautiful the word is....

Parul said...

Hey adi,
Love the way you write man!
and thanks for appreciating my blog!
I can't believe you read it all!

91 said...

We exist at all to find out the answer to that question. But when? one may ask, will we know? When we look beyond the boundaries that we confine ourselves in, then, we will come to know.