May 15, 2007

The End II

This poem is an afterthought of my own story, The End. This started as a thought and now rests as a full fledged poem. One is incomplete without the other. Even though you can understand this as a stand alone piece, it is not meant to be one.

My brothers,
Took your life,
They took
What you held dear.

I do not know
What they did,
I do not know
Why they did
What they did.

Now you stand
In front of me,
Claiming revenge,
An eye for an eye.

I did not kill,
I did not plunder,
I did not ravage,
I did not murder,
I did not destroy.

Why do you
Do that to me,
When I did
Directly to you?

You can take,
Take my heart,
Take my soul,
Take my life,
If it, you, satisfies.

My blood,
Soothes your,
Drink my friend,
Drink till the end.



Suchitra said...

The third person

Living on the edge,
They say,
Sipping tea
And savouring panic

I live on the edge.

Every day
Is a scramble up the hill
An escape from the ravine
That waits to swallow me up.

As I watch
The lights,
On this dark night,

I think about you,
I think about me.

You burn his wife,
He burns yours.
You pull apart
The fabric of his life,

And he is poised
On the precipice
Wondering whether to pull apart

that your tiff
Reasonable or unreasonable,
Justified or unjustified,
Resolved or unresolved,
Has the potency
to tear apart

Your End
Is also mine.

For I live on the edge.

For I see the lights



Mystic said...

My blood,
Soothes you,
Drink my friend,
Drink till the end."

Blood never soothes.. it only kindles the all-consuming madness in any person!