May 1, 2007

God and Man

This post is inspired by the comment on Suchitra's Nandi

Man of flesh
To god of stone
Hear with stony silence
Words of lament
Words of pain.
Give me what I need
Give me what I want
Do not let me go alone,
Stay beside,
Do not tell me you are there.

Man of flesh
To god of heart
Hear my heart
As it cries out to you.
I hold you inside
For outside I mistrust
I hold you inside
For inside
Mine is truth
Truth is mine.

Man of flesh
To god of flesh
You gave me form
Which I gave you
Hold on to me
I hold on to you
Look out for me
Look out at me
For I can’t
Look you out

1st May 2007


Suchitra said...

How a man of flesh can see a God of flesh is beyond my reasoning.

A God of stone has power that amazes me, because the power it was given, was handed to it by the people who worship it. A stone lying somewhere is converted into a personification of something higher than ourselves. A man's faith in stone is a highly simplisitic way of saying that there is something above me.

I don't agree with the statement 'A God of Heart'. If there be a God, he comes out of the mind and not the heart.

Sense in non-sense Aditya said...

@ Suchi
A god of flesh is to mean three things, first the hallucination, the thought of being able to see a god, and the second is to see god in other people, and the last is to worship humans as god.
The god cannot be of mind because of the simple fact that the mind can never understand the god. it need to be believed and not understood, therefore it has to be from the domain of the heart.