December 26, 2007

Against Nature

He drives fast
Than he wants,
Than he should.

The car speeds,
Over roads;
Tires squealing,
Protesting violently
At each turn.

The rain,
Pouring around him,
Blurring the sights
That surround,
That does not need blurring.

The world around
Parts from its way,
To let him through.
Lest it be a hurdle
In his path, it moves.

The rain
Climbs up the windshield,
Pushed by the air,
The air cut by the car
Rushing through.

The wipers try hard
To keep the water at bay
To ensure a clean vision,
To ensure a vision.

The water spiders up
‘Ere the wiper cleans it up,
For them to climb again,
In tiny rivulets,
From the hood to the roof.

Moving against nature
Its nature.
Moved by a force,

It runs from the hood,
From the ocean,
It moves against nature,
To the roof,
To the mountain.

~26th December 2007


Rajaraman said...

Is the phenomenon of surface tension against nature. I ont think it is If ST is part of nature then this water slab moving up is alsonot against nature.

aditya said...

I think that surface tension does have something to do with this. Surface tension acts in accordance with gravity. The fluid assumes the shape in which the surface tension is the least. When this is taken in accordance with gravity, the fluid will take the shape with the lowest surface tension with the lowest potential energy. That means that it will fall as drops when dropped. When on a windshield and constrained by the flat surface, it will slide down as rivulets. It needs the external force, wind, to make it move against the natural forces of surface tension and gravity.