December 26, 2007

The sculptor

A block of stone,
Unseen, unknown.
Kicked around,
Of no use,
To no one.

He takes it up,
He sees potential
He sees things,
You and I cannot,
He sees.

He takes a chisel,
He takes a hammer,
He chips some here,
He chips some there,
He chips what he can see.

He chips off the not needed,
Keeping what is needed,
Needed by whom?
The underlying form
In his head.

Slowly, from a block
An image arises,
An image in his head
Transferred by him,
By his tools.

He saw a goddess
Riding her tiger.
He saw her inside
The stone
You and I did.

How can he see,
Things we cannot?
Things we are blind to,
Are visible to him
To his eyes alone.

Are we blind,
Not to see beauty,
Lying beneath the surface
Are we oblivious
If it is not obvious?

26th December 2007


Suchitra said...

Eyes pierced?
Lack of light?
Or plain refusal to see?

Rajaraman said...

DOnt you recall the song
kallile kalai vannam kandan.Kan parvai maraithalum kanum vagai kandan.

aditya said...

@ Suchi
Regardless of the fact if it is blindness, or it is pierced eyes, or it is lack of light, in the end of the day all that matters is that I do not see it. The saddest part here is the fact that I can acknowledge the fact that someone else sees it and then I complain that I cannot. I see a dichotomy here; one I do not see it myself and I do not feel happy that atleast someone sees it. Why should it be that I must see everything that others can?

aditya said...

@ Rajaraman/Dad
I guess that in the last few months, you have become my most avid reader. The transition from the last person I wanted to read my works to one of the few who does is amazing.
Kallilae Kalai vannam Kandan...
Is that not for a person who cannot see in the literal sense and therefore senses everything around them. This is more of how come he is able to do it and I am not able to.
Subtle difference.