May 3, 2008


She was vast,
Expanse-less, I thought.
She covered me from all sides,
As she held me up,
So I would not sink.
She seemed all powerful,
moving with an ease,
an ease that came from within
and one that seen on her skin.
Her skin was flawless,
Though with many a trough;
She let you feel each one
As you rode over
Making your way
To where you wanted to go.
Then you looked in the distance,
Until you saw she too was being held up.
By the even more expanse-less sky.
He gently reached down,
And kissed her with his blue lips
For she was not truly blue,
She was made blue,
By his kiss.
He gave her strength,
The blue was her strength,
The blue which hid her depths
From all those at the surface.
These lovers,
They stared at each other for million miles
They held each other at a thin line,
A line that no one but them could ever see.


Harshvardhan said...

The Earth, The Sun, gravity-space-time... mostly the earth, seen from miles above, the vast blueness below ever expanding, the sky touching down at the curvature horizon...this is the picture i see, and it is quite a view!

aditya said...

The openess of the relationship between the sun and the earth,
The ever expanding limitless sky above,
The limited, yet expanse - less(I am sure that is not a word) sea below...
A dream on paper..