May 16, 2008

My unknown woman

Oh unknown woman,
I pray to you,
Do not get up and leave.
I know not who you are
Or of whence you came.
Let us fool each other a little longer,
Let us fool we know each other,
That we are friends,
That you are my lover.
The stops are rushing by,
Each more frightening than the last.
With each approaching stop,
I pray this is not the one,
The stop where you get off.
As the bus pulls out of the stop,
I am scared to turn,
Lest you catch me
Looking at you.
I sit there looking ahead,
Looking at nothing in particular
Trying to hear every sound,
That comes out of you.
From the moment you sat beside,
I have not looked at your face.
All I see are your hands
As you finger your book
One that you are not reading.
Fingers, so slender,
With nails so pretty
A touch so ginger, the lightness I feel,
When your skins brushes mine.
I think of things I can say,
A joke, a comment, a wisecrack.
But nothing comes to my mind
All I can offer is my silence.
You accept my silence
And offer me more,
That which is the foundation of our love.
You are sitting there,
So close,
That I can smell your perfume,
The one I did not purchase
For our non-existent anniversary.
You look at the watch on your wrist,
A wrist so slim,
I am scared the watch will fall off.
As you seem to be in a hurry
To go somewhere
Without me.
The bus rolls on, oblivious to us,
Everyone seems oblivious
To what is not going on between us.
You start packing your things,
You are telling me,
Without actually saying a word,
That you are going to leave soon,
Leaving me here,
Ruing the silence
That hung between us.
Oh woman who was beside me
Whence you came from,
Where did you go?
My woman, who shared a seat
Who left, without sharing a life.


Anonymous said...

Dont chase an unknown woman.It is always dangerous to do so.

aditya said...

@ Anonymous
There is only one thing I can possibly say to the above comment


divya said...

a cute read..invariably reminds u of the road not taken..
i like munching on "what would have been if..." thoughts...they r at once comforting and unreal! best of both worlds!
nice blog there!keep the pen going...

aditya said...

I wish that I could agree that this was as insightful and philophical as the road not taken. However, it was just a plain thought of what if? Aaah.. I can atleast understand what got you from this poem to the other one.
For some reason, I am not happy with what if. In my opinion, all I know is I made a choice, therefore, there is no what if. What if is never comforting, it just brings things unwarranted upstream. However, yes, they are comforting at some points in time as they let one escape into a parallel world!
Thanks for the appreciation.