August 2, 2008

Kuselan - a front row perspective - (No Spoilers)

Over all verdict: (Personal) Of all the movies I have seen Rajinikant in, this one is one of the best.

Question: How does one manage to sit though a movie in which every scene does not focus on Superstar?
Answer: By looking beyond the Superstar and actually watching the movie.

The story is well known - the one of Sudama and Lord Krishna. In fact the entire movie runs on that theme (I will not divulge more). The mythological story goes as to how Sudama, a poor Brahman and a erstwhile close friend of Lord Krishna is convinced by his wife that he should go and ask for assistance from Krishna. When Sudama goes (if I am not mistaken to Dwaraka) and manages to meet the lord, he does not ask for a penny. However, when he comes home, he finds that he has all the luxuries that a man could dream of, for the lord knew what he wanted, and how much he respected the friendship not to ask for anything. The story is one of friendship at the base level.

The above mentioned folklore is adopted to suit the tastes of the modern Tamil cinema going population by P. Vasu. In a typical Rajini movie, one does not have to think, all one has to do is to suspend thought and watch the man on the screen. However, this is one movie which makes one think. For that reason alone, I would recommend a watch.

Personally the highlight of the movie was Pasupathy. As in Veyil, he is perfect to play the role of the meek underachiever with a massive inferiority complex. He is able to portray the emotions that go into such a person to the 'T' and for most of the movie takes the cake away from Rajini. In fact, there are places when you forget that it is a Rajini movie. Kudos to the actor.

Nayanthara has no role other than to be a bombshell and she plays the part well. In fact, other than Pasupathi and in some parts Rajini, most of the other characters do not have a great role to play. Comedy is the usual slapstick, with Vadivelu getting the living daylights beaten out of him, Livingston with a flat performance and Santhanam providing a few minutes of laughter.

Meena as Pasupathy's wife has come up with a decent performance, although one is not supposed to use logic to compare the state of her dressing and the state of her living.

The music played its part, with one song - Chaaral well rendered by Shreya Ghoshal being catchy. Most of the songs are just peans to Rajini. The BGS was good, in most places complementing the brillaint picturization.

One of the main points in it for me was the cinematography. Aravind Krishnan has come up with some breathtaking shots and I think that his sense of color usage during most parts of the movie was extraordinary. I would have appreciated it if the use of animation was restricted to places where it would make sense (dolphins in a lake near the Andhra Tamil Nadu border sure does not).

Over all, the movie is one which one can go to if they are not looking for a typical Rajini movie. It has its moments, but on the whole it is decent value for money. I would recommend the movie for a Saturday morning show for those who work and for a Wednesday evening show for those who can make it at that time.

P.S. (Go for Pasupathy if not for anything else)


Anonymous said...

Kuselan release aidtha!! :O

And about the female members of the troupe, it's been a long time since I saw anyone performing a non-bomb-shell function. Mozhi was good. And before that Kannathil muthamittal. That was one hell of a movie!

I wonder how it would look if heroes were all hunks, and heroines were, let's say, not so good. Dhanush-Nayantara situation reversed. Will Tams watch it?

- Sindhu

aditya said...

There are very few movies, which do have a good female lead role. The one that comes to mind is Avargal. In fact, it is a pity that neither Indian movies or American ones have woman centric movies more often, even though there have been instances of American movies. One of my favorite movies centered on a woman is Amelie. I think that it is a must watch for any movie buff!

Anonymous said...

There are many movies where female roles have been the primaryones e.g,, mamtha kaviaya thalai in tamil,kai kodutha deivam,avargal.kulavilakku, Naanum oru penn, Aval oru thodar kathai you can go on.
But it is the way you look at it.

Amar said...

Check out Krystof Kieslowski's Color Trilogy (Blue / White / Red) for good female leads (Juliette Binoche in Blue is my fav). Sometimes i feel only movies from Europe are made for grownups.