December 19, 2008

Full stop

Your life is mine,
For you are me,
Not entirely,
Though entirely from me.
Now that you are here,
My life seems to stop,
Everything revolves
Around your presence.

Your life is no more,
You have left nothing behind
Other than your memory
You memories in my head
In everything I see
My life seems to stop
For everything revolves
Around your absence.

The post is based on a line I read in a book from Shashi Deshpande's "In the Country of Deceit". The line goes Both birth and death make you take your eyes of the clock. Time comes to a standstill; the hands of the clock cease to move.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very well written Adi... conveys a very deep sense of togetherness yet strong individuality!



Prats said...

Nice Poem... liked it a lot

aditya said...

@ RV and Prats
Thanks, I think