June 22, 2011


I am shrouded,
Some say in mystery,
Some say in suppression,
I say in belief.
Belief in something
That I can never understand,
That lies beyond me
Something I believe in.

My face is a key,
To my emotions,
To my expressions and
To my beliefs.
They are there,
Emotions expressions and belief,
I show them, in my voice
In my eyes, in my life.

I do not mind
The anonymity,
The exclusivity
Or the concealment.
I do not say
What you can bare
So please do not dare
To me what I can cover.

I remain shrouded,
Watching behind my veil,
Just as you watch
From behind yours.
My veil is real,
I am true,
Your veil is invisible
Are you?

IMG SRC - http://thehivedaily.com/
Inspiration - Dhobi Ghat

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