October 2, 2011


I sit there,
With a thousand thoughts
That run through my head;
Seamless, one dovetailing into another.

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They scream into my head,
Asking for deliverance
“Let us out”, they shout
“Give us a voice”.

“We deserve to be heard
We are real, as real as you are
We are not to be held captive,
But to be let free on the world.”

They range from the mundane,
To the irrational.
From the deep
To the perverse.

They are formless,
Yet, they carry weight,
They belong to me,
Yet, they are not mine.

I open my mouth,
To lend them my voice,
Nothing comes out,
Nothing but silence. 


V Rakesh said...

Gosh, this is how I feel now......I feel caged! I can so very well relate to these lines!

aditya said...

Writers block, or just claustrophobia?