October 20, 2011

Looking Glass

I stare long and hard
Into his eyes,
The eyes of one who looks like me
For something has set him free.

In the depth of his eyes,
I see a faint resemblance,
Resemblance of who I am
But far from who I could be.

In front of the looking glass,
I stand and stare,
There is something similar,
But I am looking at the difference.

It is obvious, I say
Despite the obvious
You are not I,
For I am not you.

He smiles at me,
With a grin,
His life is different,
As is he.

He took a path
One that was closed to me
A different man, a different place
Yet the same man, me.

Look deep into the mirror
Why do I see what can be
From this side of the mirror
Where I see what is?

In to the looking glass,
I look at lives,
Ones I did not live, I could not
For they are not mine.

I stand here, here and now,
And I am now sure,
I have this, here on this side
Of the looking glass.

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