October 27, 2008

Just for a minute

She stands there,
Hardly moving a degree,
awaiting his arrival, just
A few minutes away
She has waited an hour
To be with him again,
Even if were to be
For just a minute.
The world rushes past,
Looking at them;
A couple to the world,
To an unseeing eye
They are together,
To the world around.
She counts the seconds,
A mental countdown,
Till the second arrives
When he moves on above her.
Her joy unforetold,
They seem to appear one,
One body as,
Her small body mergers
With the big one of his.
Even in unity,
She anguishes still,
For even together,
They are apart,
Joined at the feet
Cursed to go around,
Awaiting that one minute
When they be together.
She cannot touch him
Just his feet,
He is stoic,
Does not seem to mind
As if he is looking ahead
To move away from her.
She pleads and beseeches
"O why for more than a minute?
Can we not stop time,
Forever, for us?"
For the whole minute
He does not talk
And as the minute ends
He moves on,
Parting slowly but surely.
And as he moves on
He whispers into her ear
"Hold on my love for
An hour goes very fast.
Move not very much,
For I will run
And we will be together again
Even it were for
Just a minute".

Let the muse know that I have been mused


Nivedhitha said...

tears. :)

Suchitra said...

It's a repeating pattern in nature :)

Your shadow waits a day to be with you.

The moon waits for a month to be with the earth.

We wait for a lifetime to renew our acquaintance with death.

All of us wait, for different things, at different times, for different lengths. Pleasure, when the wait becomes reality, when fleeting moments of attainment become unreal, when the unheard melody becomes sweeter than the heard one.

(PS: The poem reminded me of the song ThaniyE ThannandaniyE...'Rasanai ennum oru puLLiyil, iru idayam iNaya kaNDOm')

aditya said...


I am coming to understand the duality of nature. For everything, there is a complement, electrons and positrons, sun and the moon, the fire and water, the earth and the stars, light and darkness, man and woman, life and death.
Nothing and Everything