October 5, 2008

Personal public writing

Trying to make sense of the following sentences

1) I write for my pleasure
2) I blog

There seems to be something fundamentally contradictory in the above two statements.

I have always maintained that writing is something that has always given me immense pleasure. In fact, the other day, during a conversation with Suchitra, I went to theorize that writing is currently the evolutionary equivalent of being the fastest runner among cheetahs, being the toughest elephant, or being the fastest swimming shark with the worst bite. The reason being that evolutionarily, humans have come to a situation where they do not have to be fast, or sturdy. In fact, man has come to a state where his size does not matter and it is the thoughts in his head that do.

Taking the analogy forward, to be able to think is to mean to be evolutionarily enabled, to be the fittest among the species, for it means an ability to think (or at least a thought that they do!)

Therefore, the underlying is that I have a perceived ability to think. If I can do that, I write so that I have a forum to discuss what it is that my thoughts are and to receive and perceive the underlying thought processes of others writing, which means that my writing, although does not pander to others, is still a call out to others to read what I write, to comment and therefore commence a train of discussion.

Therefore, there is no underlying disconnect as long as there is a healthy conversation on the blog. Is there? I think so.

Words mine,
From thoughts mine.
To hear thoughts
On thought,
A conversation,
A discussion,
A mutual exchange.


Anonymous said...

May be some doubts seem to have cropped up in your mind. You write for whom? for your own pleasue or for some one else to read and enjoy. comment crtiticise and so on?
You also say it is personal.
The moment you put it up in the blog it is no more personal, it becomes public

As long as it is read and enjoyed(?), by your avid readers I dont think you should worry. Keep going.
Some day you may hit the roof of acclaim. Till such time keep writing, but read them afterwards and refine them if you can in your next effort

aditya said...

I know!