October 21, 2008

Of rocks and pebbles

Eons have passed,
Running water
Having weathered the rocks.
Those grooves I admired,
All smooth, all plain.
The grooves remain,
But, in memory.
I am, but, a boat,
Riding along the stream
On whose shores
I saw the grooved rock once.
I came back to see again
The grooves on that rock,
But here I see no rock,
For all I see is a pebble
In the place where I saw rock.
The pebble is true
For it is there.
The grooved rock is true,
For I saw it there.
I walk on by,
Another memory to carry.
Until I pass by the pebble again,
The grooved rock is a memory,
Just a memory, for
The pebble is here.


Anonymous said...

This is the beauty of life.

After some time the pebbles will become sand

That is nature

What existed disapprears and in its place a brand new things that did not exist before appear,

New flowers replace old ones.

New creatures replace old ones

Grand civilisations have become from rocks, to pebbles.

Towers have become dilapidated ruins remain as monuments

But you have brought them out in a nice poetic way.

Erumbu oora oora Kallum theyum

That is the old adage

You have brought out the change in a nice poetic way

Parul said...

funny...life is a story of pebbles...a lot of them

Lazy Lavender said...

The rock, you saw it
Strong and huge
With grooves plain and smooth
You rode away

Eons have passed
Rocks have weathered
Into pebbles

The pebble, you see it
Small and humble
Round and smooth
You remember the rock

The pebble, you see it
Pick it up
Lest it become sand
With eons more to go

For you to treasure
To evoke memories
Of the rock, you once saw.

-* As always, I think I shot off in a tangent. But hey, to me, this makes sense. And someone else may smile reading this *-

Nivedhitha said...

invited myself to the space. great read! reading on..

aditya said...

Life is but a flow, a flow of time in the forward direction, of memories in the reverse.

Pebbles, they go to make walls, they go to break walls

@Lazy Lavender
It matters not,
Be it rock or pebble
Or be it sand
They are still my memories
They are still me