November 24, 2008

An egg shell

The other day, I had this egg in my hand. It looked so fresh, and the thought of an omlette, with some chopped onions, a few peppers, a few tomatoes, and a pinch of salt, it seemed heavenly.

I broke open the egg and all I found was an empty shell.

I miss the complete unbroken egg, I miss the anticipation of omlette.


Suchitra said...

Every pleasure is evanescent. You would have had to break the egg open at some point. Keep it too long and it is going to rot. Better to open it, if possible have the omlette before it is too late or accept that there is going to be no omlette; not from this egg!

aditya said...

@ Suchi
The egg, from which I needed to make the omlette, was empty, nothing inside, but a cavern. :)

Rajaraman said...

Sometimes our efforts lead to nothing similar to the one where we break the egg without getting an omelette.

So take it in the strides dont feel let down or despondant. try the next egg.