November 30, 2008

My God

Her fingers so slight
Like blades of grass
As they sway in the wind.
She holds out her hand
Asking for mine
As she crosses over
From her world to mine.
As she steps over
Across the looking glass
Into my two arms

A woman I have seen 
In a thousand dreams,
A face I’d recognize
One that grew from within
A part of me
One I had given life
As I breathed life into her
Her first breathe was mine
Every one of mine since then
Has been hers

Hiding behind the mirror
Far from the gaze of this world
She lived only for me
Her every word, precious
Her every action, elusive
She rarely spoke,
Yet she said a lot
In each other’s silence we grew
She came from nothing
And became my everything

As I worship her presence
The very feet that stomp me
The lips that curl up a smile
Every time I cave in 
A duel we fought, 
One of life and death, 
Her victory over mine,
Was it my victory over her?
We were separate, to separate victory,
Were we separate, to separate defeat?

The man I never could be
She made me want to be
My life’s purpose
She defined for me
She was for me
A god, I created
Out of nothing, for nothing
Not in cathedral, not in temples
I placed her in the mirror
Her face on mine, she on me, my god.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Inspiration from beyond the looking glass is God. your posts show a lot of faith. God bless.