November 29, 2008

How much is too much?

How much is too much?

How much of blood should this world see before it realizes that it is too much?
How much of hatred must we put out there before we realize that it is too much?
How much of insanity must we be exposed to before we choose sanity?
How much of loss of love must one bear, before we lose ourselves?
How many eyes must we remove for someone removed one of ours?
How many times must we kill before we kill our souls?
How many children should cry before we turn a deaf ear?
How many guns must we buy before we run out of iron?
How many bullets must we fire before we run out of targets?
How many buildings must be razed before we run out of homes?
How many women must be widowed because we chose to stand up and fight?
How many limbs must be lost before all the landmines are used up?
How many men should sacrifice their youth for someone else’s cause?
How many tears must I shed before my glands run dry?
How many times must we die before we forget to live?
How many ideologies must we extinguish before we decline to follow any?
How many religions must I change before I am let to live?
How many countries must I migrate to before you let me go?
How many times must this injustice go on?

How much is too much?


Destination Infinity said...

Any number divided by 0 will give you the answer for ur question.

Destination Infinity

aditya said...

It is like the universe is it not? A finite infinite object.
At the end of the day, "People will always find reasons to divide"
I am not sure if it is a divide by zero. For once you have divided by zero, there is no more division. It seems to me to be an infinite series of finite divisions.