February 20, 2008


Hiding behind a veil
A veil of anonymity,
I say what I want to,
I say what I don’t want to.
Every word I utter,
Carries my imprint,
Distinctly mine,
Yet, distinctly unmine.
You know the words,
The voice,
You know not,
The face behind that voice.

My expression,
Never in your face,
Always behind
My veil,
My veil of anonymity,
Of deceit,
Lies and deception
Tales and fables,
Of lives and deaths
My expression
Behind words, unhidden.


david santos said...

Thank you

Lazy Lavender said...

My words, they speak
My face, it reflects
The screen that is there
That blocks your view
Is in you

I say what I want
To let you know
The rest of me
I care not to show
Nothing to hide
Nothing fishy inside
Yet you struggle to reach
Why do you think?
It’s your vision, that’s dim
Or the ‘you’ to the brim
That has you mislead
Or the reason you fled
The shroud you see,
Veiling the inside of me,
Keeping me in obscurity,
Is not in me.

aditya said...

You really do not care what I presume I am. Because what you think I am, is what you understand from what I write. There is no way of confirming that fact. That is the veil of anonymity, that is the lie and that is the deciet, the probability of that happening. I can be anyone I want to be. I can be a supermodel, a Norman Mailer and you would not know the difference. It is not about perceptions, it is about Anonymity.

aditya said...

@ David
Thanks! Welcome over. Hope I keep you interested

Lazy Lavender said...

Awright, this is what Wordweb says about Deceit - A misleading falsehood.

Now I ask again, if you see not what I truly am, how can that be a falsehood? Misleading, maybe.

Failure to see the truth in something doesn't make it a lie. :-)
Apart from that, I know not how anonymity becomes a lie.

And in my prev comment, it was my perception that I had written.

aditya said...

I am sure that you have heard the saying that a partial truth is as good as a lie. That is what I am aiming for. You pick and choose what to reveal and what not to. You hide behind the blog and choose what people can and cannot see about you. If that is not intentional misleading, I am not sure what is.

Anonymity by itself is not a lie. It is what one does with that state, which can constitute a lie. It really does not matter in whose perspective you are writing from as long you recognize the dichotomy between what you are and what you are perceived to be. To be more precise, what you perceive yourself to be and what others percieve to be based on what you wish them to percieve.

Lazy Lavender said...

Yup, there is a difference in how I perceive I am and how other perceive me, whether or not I wish them to. But that is how it is, for me, for you, and for every human being in the world. It can neither be avoided nor be removed.

I choose what I want you to see. I choose it not only based on my mood, but also based on who you are. Misleading, I don't deny. Lie? I am not making something up, something that's not there, am I?
And partial truths aren't lies. If you remember, Dharma's dialogue, in Mahabharat, which goes this way 'Ashvattama Hata(ha) Gaja(ha)' The Gaja(ha) part of it, he said in a muffled voice. This did mislead Dhrona, but Dharma doesn't lie.

Anyways, thats beyond the point. The dichotomy or multichotomy does, and will exist, for all of us. The only thing that is really under our control is how we see it.

You call it your lie and your veil.
I say that I don't hide, its the other person who is unable to see.

aditya said...

You show not
and you expect me to see?
Mind reader I am not,
Clairvoyant neither.

Lazy Lavender said...

You see the sea?
Wood it floats ashore, carried by the waves
Metal it sinks, right to the base
Fishes they swim, happily in between
Is it the sea that changes with each of them?
Or does the sea expect wood to sink?

Rajaraman said...

This response and the counter responses look like the sledging betwen Bhajji and symonds.
why cant we make it more constructive