February 13, 2008

No rudder, no control

The night is dark,
Closing in on me,
Me, afloat,
On a river,
On a sea.
I know not,
For all is calm,
I float on
Yet still.

No rudder
To control the flow,
No control,
To say where to go.
Where the river ended,
And where the sea began,
Where the sea will end,
I will never know.
I float on,
On the river,
On the sea,

The sun rises,
Yet, offers no respite.
I can see
Where I go,
I saw where I was.
No matter how bright,
The sun shines,
No matter how warm
It makes me,
I still float,
No rudder,
No control,
I float
On the river,
On the sea.


Suchitra said...

The river,
She's my friend.
I put my hand into hers.
"Take me home,
Where all your waters flow," I said,
And together we ran,
No rudder, no control.


Lazy Lavender said...

Whether you flow with the river, without control
Or ride a bicycle, to save petrol
The sun, he rises everyday
To point out your way, he takes no say.
He shows you the paths, for you to choose
If you pick something bad, he has nothing to lose

Its his job, to give light
Not to offer respite
What else can he do
Being so far away
What more can he do
Than greet you everyday.