June 28, 2006

Brothers gray and white

Brothers gray black and white
Brothers of gray are opening out,
Replacing their brothers of black.
Old age seems to be catching up
Signs of having lived too long.

A time when the time left to live
Is shorter than the time lived,
When the memories of the times past
Seem better than the hopes of those to come.

When things near and far are a blr
A touch of a hand gives no feeling,
A meal can not be chewed anymore
All that is left is an empty smile.

Words of wisdom there are many,
From pits into those there was a fall.
Advice to those who are to follow
Of how to avoid the stumbling block

For hopes harbored there is no room
As there is no time to fulfill them,
The end is of the road is drawing near
The time shall come to soon disappear.

Dated: 27.12.2002

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