June 28, 2006

An evening on the rocks

I sat there by the rocks,
Not having a care in the world.
I was not sure of my next meal for I just had one,
Heck, I am not sure if I will live till then.
There is creature that I have come across,
Too big for me to see clearly, I catch a glimpse.
He is big and tall and heavy.
Not like the others I have seen
And believe me I have seen many.
He is looking sad or I think he looks sad.
How can I say what his emotions are?
If at all he has any.
I am waiting to catch the next wave
To catch the surf in my hair,
But I can not help but look at the creature,
The one that stands directly above me.
He seems afraid of the water,
But curious nevertheless.
He wades into the water when the waves recede,
But runs back again when they reach the shore.
He eyes me suddenly
And walks over to where I am sitting.
I am not sure if I should run or freeze.
Sure that I cant out run him I sit there,
Willing him to do the worst.
He looks at me and I wonder,
Is he thinking about me the way I am about him?
I turn my eyes toward the sea,
My wife is waiting for me somewhere there,
I have to get her for it is getting late.
I wait for the waves to come and take me home,
But I can’t seem to leave this creature alone.
I sit through the wave,
And he seems happy to see me there.
The smile on his face makes me warm,
I take the next wave
And head home.
Aditya Rajaraman
A Tribute to Sri's one evening on the rocks

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