June 28, 2006


The mother on the road cries out in despair,
“oh help me please I have a child".
Begging for her sake?
Or that of the child unborn?
Begging for what she never had,

People unknown shed a tear,
Ones those crocs are proud of.
Give a dime,
To the poor dear, they say
And they walk off into the twilight.

Does the woman care for the child?
Albeit it being unborn?
Is it a source of joy for her soul?
One to cherish for life?
Or is it a means to her meal of the day?


pushkala said...

these verses stiired a series of thoughts in me!
i guess we will haev a discussion on this in my next blog post!!

a loved every line of this!

suha !

pushkala said...

sorry for the tons of typos in my comments !