June 28, 2006

Death to the one I love

As I hold you now
In my arms
One wish seems to run
Through my body
And racks my soul.
The breath that flows
Through you
I wish would stop.
Taking you from the living
To the realms of the dead.
No one should see you now
As I see you now.
No one should hold you now
As I hold you now.
No should ever love you
As I love you now.
Die my darling dearest
And immortalize my love
A love that encompasses
That shall love you to death.


Suchi said...

Death may seem like a mould to preserve a figment of the past, but I find more meaning in life than in death.

Lazy Lavender said...

Is this similar to "Destroy thy love"? Something that we spoke about months ago? Similar to what Dom does in FH?