June 28, 2006

By the beach

Sitting by the dunes along the beach,
Watching his son run by,
With the setting sun on his son's back
And the blowing wind in his son's face.
The memories of the distant past
Brings a smile to his face.
His wife is now standing beside him
A hand his hair and the other to her eyes
A look of concern on her face,
For the safety of her first born.
Should I thank god, he wonders
Or be happy that everything is alright.
The day now seems so far,
When he could not find a soul.
No one would share his thoughts,
Neither would they dry his tear.
Then she came by one sunny day,
Bringing the sun in her smile.
Smitten by the first look,
Life was given to him on a platter.
He found her to be a friend,
One that would give anything to see him smile.
One that would hear imp speak endlessly
On topics that she had no inking about.
She would take his hands when he was scared,
Comfort him with the words that he needed to hear.
Now the world seems bliss
A fire glowing in his heart,
One of love and one of ecstasy.
Life gives him reasons to be,
Reasons that he's kill for and those he'd die for.
Now his wife is expecting again,
Another being shall be born,
With him being half the cause.
Now he smiles at last,
Happy just to be alive in a world
That fails to believe in belief.

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