June 28, 2006


Do you see in to my depths?
Oh dear now that you know me?
Words gone unsaid,
Thoughts gone unheard.
Clipped the wings of the bird
E’en before it could take flight,
Never gave the truth a chance
Even if it was right.
Million times you have said
Things I thought insane.
Thousand times I had to agree,
Feelings of sanity I hid.
Now that I am free my dear
From the bonds that held me,
Free to roam the skies,
To speak what is in my mind.
Do I feel the happiness?
That is rightfully mine
For which a price I had to pay,
The cost being my sanity?
Shall never trade the thoughts I have
For the feeling that one desires
Feelings are transitory dear
My thoughts are not for sale.

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