March 20, 2007

After Departure

The only truth known of life
Is also the one most bitter.
It comes around unwanted
Taking away those close to us.
Leaves us in a feeling of insecurity
One of not knowing what to do.
You've always thought they'd stay
With you, always, they'd never leave.
But time shows to you often.
Nothing is eternal but time alone.
Slowly it passes by quickly
The bad feelings of fear depart.
They are replaced by memories,
Memories of love you shared.
The memories of times treasured,
Of persons you loved & they you.
Of the person who'd now onward
Be there by your side always.

1 comment:

Suchi said...

My mother's dad passed away four years back. Till date, whenever she sees his photograph that hangs in our living room, she tells me that she feels him in the same room.

I have had occasion to be with my grandfather as well. However, maybe because he's not MY dad, I never 'feel' his presence.

The deciding factor, I suppose,are the memories, I do not share my mother's memories of her father.

This was one of the things I had said when I commented on the schizophrenic post. My mother could see something, at least feel something. I could not. Does that make her a schizophrenic? Or me blind? Or neither? I wonder.