March 18, 2007


This is a post that is coming when I am without my dearest, my laptop. She is away for sometime so I have to sit online and post this.

I have always thought why is it that we say something to some people, some other things to some other people and nothing to many people. What I am trying to say here is that what do we really say when we are talking to people?

The reason I ask this is sometime back during a conversation, I realized that I was not saying what I was holding near and dear to my heart. This does not mean that I do not say what I am thinking. All it means is that my replies are based on your question. It means that when you ask me something, I shall say what I think about it. However I shall not tell you what I think about life in general.

So why is it that I do not tell anyone what I think? Why is it that my truest emotions are just that, my truest emotions, unknown to anyone but me?

Why is it that some people are able to tell their life stories to anyone and everyone? Why is it that some people do not fret when they put up the daily happenings on a public forum? Why is it that they have a compulsion to share the most uneventful happenings with others?

I have seen that some people do not tell anything. Prime example me. The reason can be that they really do not care what the other person thinks. In this situation, why will I want to tell you what I think?

In other cases, it may be that they are so insecure about what they think that they are not ready to tell it lest their thoughts be ridiculed.

So what about the ones that bare all? What is to become of them? It is possible that they are so brilliantly secure that they dare to bare?

On the contrary, I think that they are so insecure that they need to get recognized. This need is not derived from within but from other external sources. This drives them to tell all so that someone somewhere may give them that security that they themselves are lacking.

This leaves me with the median category. The ones that bare to select few. The ones that they think they are comfortable with. Even in this case, I noticed something. The information is generally given to the people that can either do nothing with it or are really not interested.

When I say that they cannot do anything with it, I mean this; any thing I say about what I think is something that reflects me. This reflection is based more on what you see than what I disclose. In this case, telling someone something is equal to letting them see a small part of you. When this is done, they know you more, they understand you more. This knowledge has potential, not the kind to wreak havoc, but in a more general way. By letting a person know more about me, I have opened myself to their opinions. This is the power I am talking about; the power of knowing me.

I tell you no lies,
I tell you no truth.
I tell you what I think,

As a reply to what you say,
Only if you ask.
My ideas, my opinions,
They are only mine,
I care naught
Of what you think
To tell you dear
Of what I think

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