March 19, 2007


Blood runs from the mountains,
Down wild raging rivers,
Into the valley,
The Valley of beauty,
The valley of fear.

The mountains bleed,
The rivers of blood
For every Kashmiri’s death
Killed by the friend
They grew with

Born from the Ka,
The waters that dried up,
She is being reclaimed
By water again,
Running in people’s veins

Her history is proud
Her present bleak,
Her future doubtful,
For even as we speak
Death runs riot.

Torn apart by strife,
By wars waged over her,
Waged on her
Destroyed the beauty,
The beauty of Kashmir.

The sounds of the children
Playing in the valley,
Have now been replaced
By sounds of guns,
And silence.

She is alone,
She is surrounded
Waging a war,
Over religion
That she did not start.

What do they fight for?
For the people,
Or for the place?
To call Kashmir their own
Or just to save face?

Her people have left,
Her soul is dying.
She is being desiccated
Of water
Running in her peoples veins.


Anonymous said...

A good one indeed.
If only the persons who control the events see this clipping,
and feel from their own heart, I wish the beauty will be back.
unfortunately butSlowly India is getting many more kashmirs. Chattisgarh had one recently. Nandigram had one too. As long as kissa kursi ka is there, more important than,emotions feelings sensitivity, we can"t avoid kashmirs.
Keep going my child keep going. That is is the best we can do. we dont have anything else with us.

Suchi said...

"She is alone,
She is surrounded
Waging a war,
Over religion
That she did not start."

That's the point, isn't it? Religion? Or is it just an excuse for something bigger, more arcane and more mercenary?

Water flowing in the veins of people, while blood colours the mountains red, is good imagery.

My take on it: It always, always comes back to money. Kashmir. Beauty. Tourists. Money. Who gets it? So there's war. So there's mindless death. All war's about who gets to keep the spoils of it.