March 20, 2007

Haunting Memories

I am not scared of any ghosts dead,

Too old and mature for that I'd say.

But I am truly scared, petrified

Of being haunted in the head of mine;

Not by ghosts, but by memories of time;

A time, I had in the trail, left behind.

All I have now are glorious memories,

Those that come and haunt day & night.

Showing me things that used to be,

Giving rise to dreams that may be.

Too powerful to ignore, I succumb

To the ghost of a time gone by,

Brooding over what could have been

And comparing with what is now.

I am not scared of ghosts alive,

People and behavior I shall face.

But loss of these I cannot meet,

Too weak I am to show the weakness.

I struggle to hold back those tears.

I am not scared of any ghost

But am rather scared of haunting,

Of memories held inside the head,

Held on to till the day I am dead.

1 comment:

Suchi said...

The things that were, nothing can be done to change them. I more scared of ever feeling that I 'might have been'. The exercise is futile. But it is one of the most depressing feelings I can think of.